How to Pressure Wash a House? Easy Guide

How to Pressure Wash a House? Easy Guide

Most people spend a lot of time cleaning the inside of the house, such as dusting the furniture and doing dishes. But how many of you think about cleaning outside of the house? They think, can i pressure wash my own house?

Pressure washing a house might be risky and quite physically demanding, but you can achieve great results if you follow the proper safety measures.

Most cleaning companies offer pressure washing facilities for houses, so hiring a professional cleaner with the proper tools for the job is recommended. But if you want to do that job by yourself, you can follow the following steps that will guide you on how to pressure wash a house thoroughly.

Right Material to Pressure Wash a House

If you want to pressure wash your house, you need to gather the right material, including:

· Pressure Washer

Of course, for pressure washing a house, you need a pressure washer with a strong motor with a soap tank where you can put the detergent for a high level of cleaning.

· Pressure Washer Detergent

Second, you need pressure washing detergent t clean your house. Make sure to buy the detergent according to the house sliding. I prefer to choose an eco-friendly formula so you can save your grass and flowers nearby.

· Plastic Sheeting

Get plastic sheeting to use to cover air vents to avoid damage causing due to water.

· The Right Nozzle

25- or 40-degree pressure washer nozzle is perfect for washing a house because these nozzles give a wide spray of water. The right-sized nozzle prevents damage and covers the house, sliding more at once.

· Attachments

It is recommended to get the brush attachment because a brush can make it easier to clean the house by removing grime and built-up.

· Protective Clothing

Always wears protective clothing to protect your eyes and other sensitive body parts.

How to Pressure Wash a House

After you collect the material, let's move toward the next level. But make sure to avoid the sunny day as hot temperatures dry the cleaning solution, making it hard to clean it off.

1. Scrub and Rinse

The first step you have to do is start brushing the slides of the house using a long-handled brush to remove surface-level grim.

After scrubbing, rinse the slides with the help of a wide spray angle standing far back.

2. Add Detergent to Pressure Washer Tank

When you rise your house sliding, prepare a washing solution for your house according to the manufacturer's directions. Before you get started, it is recommended to test this solution on a little hiding spot to confirm that it is safe for your house.

3. Spray

Start to spray this detergent solution using a pressure washer black nozzle in horizontal sweeps, gradually moving upward to avoid soap running dry spots.

4. Rinse

After spaying, wait around ten minutes to let it sit. Use a pressure washer with the right nozzle to rinse off all the material from the house sliding. Any regular or plain water can be used for this purpose.

5. Wait and Let it Dry

Before any painting, keep waiting until it completely dries out after rinsing.